How to Choose a Word for the Year

To help us sort through the details of setting our intentions and focus for the year I have sought the advice of my good friend. Misty is our very first brand ambassador. She has a body positive story to tell and her big heart has her sharing in order to encourage others. I highly recommend you follow along @misty_dawn111

Okay, Misty where do we start?

For me, when I started thinking about my 2023 word I thought about the things I wanted to accomplish this new year. I made a list of the goals I had for myself.

What are your goals for this year?

•learn how to roller skate - I want to join a roller derby league!!
•move up a level in my dance
•empower women to stand up for themselves and be their voice until they find their own

How do we use this reflection to guide us to our word?

Then I used an online thesaurus and just plugged in words that resonates with me until I found one that really stuck.

Then used an online dictionary and looked up the few words that had grabbed hold of me and chose from there which one really spoke to what I wanted to accomplish for my year.

So what word did you pick for yourself this year?


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